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  • [Industry News] How to choose a good exhibition equipment?

    Shanghai chleh exhibit industry Co., did not blindly pursue the price and reduce the quality of the product requirements, we always adhere to the customer first, product-oriented loyalty, the intention of serving every customer.

  • [Industry News] How much do you know about the standard booth?

    9 square meters exhibition booth is the most common standard exhibition stall, booth length and width of 3 meters, height of 2.5 meters, it is widely used in exhibition booth, trade show, event etc.

  • [Industry News] How To Install Shell Scheme Booth?

    This news will tell you how to build a shell scheme booth .

  • [Industry News] Considerations For Stage Building

    A portable platform stage is necessary in an event. We have to take into account the environments including the lighting, the viewing angle of the audience, the stage stability, aisle quantity and many other details. The most important consideration is the safety of the stage. Lighting: If it is a n

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  • [Company News] CL Truss project case in Japan

    In November, we had a nice meeting with a Japanese customer for their coming event in Dec. For this case, the most challenging part is the tight time schedule. We only have 2 weeks from the day of inquiry to the day our client receiving the goods in Japan. Our client works so efficiently. As soon a

  • [Company News] CL EXHIBIT 3rd Season Selling Review

    28th, Oct. 2017. Shanghai chelh exhibit industry Company hold a proseminar for the 3rd Season Selling Review. Every company has 3-4 staffs to attend the meeting and one of these 3 staffs prepared a PPT and explain it on the meeting. The PPT includes the data of sales details from August to Oct. The

  • [Company News] How To Be A Good Salesman

    How to be a good salesmanAre you a good salesman? How to be?From my opinion, the followed these three qualities are necessary: professional, clear mind, high level of ethicProfessioanl: If we want to export our products,the first thing is to understand the products well. Just like we shopping someth

  • [Company News] CL EXHIBIT Frameless Fabric LED Light Box

    Frameless fabric led light box is a new type of light box which the edges of the graphic are sewn with a silicone strip inserted into a narrow groove of fabric light box frame. It's easy to assembleand transport. It is made with a stylish appearance and even illumination.