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Are Trade Show Carpets Really Worth Choosing?

by hanhenry 06 Jun 2024
Are Trade Show Carpets Really Worth Choosing?

Carpet as a symbol of identity of the historical heritage, the material also with the history of different countries continue to enhance, improve, diversity. The most common types of carpet surfaces on the market today are: cut pile, loop pile, and brushed pile. The material of the back of the carpet is also chosen by people according to different occasions and needs.

1. Aesthetic point of view: beautify and decorate the environment: due to the different colors of the carpet, the booth carpet can give people a good state of mind.

2. Easy to install and lay: it is suitable for combining with the exhibition booths and products displayed on the site to match and play a monotonous role.

3. Sound absorption and sound insulation: carpet has better sound absorption and sound insulation effect compared with other flooring materials.

4. Warmth preservation: people step on the hard floor with a layer of cold feeling, especially in winter. Although there is a heater in the exhibition hall, if you lay a carpet on the floor of the booth, the exhibitors will feel comfortable when they stop to communicate with each other and their feet are comfortable at the same time.

5. Safety: walking on the carpet, not easy to slip and fall, even if the fall is not easy to be injured.

6. Purifying indoor air: the dust and bacteria in the air of the exhibition hall will be adsorbed by the carpet, thus reducing the flow of dust and germs. The use of exhibition carpet by a large number of exhibitors can have the effect of purifying the air and improving the air quality in the exhibition hall.

7. From ancient times to nowadays, carpet is also regarded as the most high-grade, the most ideal floor covering material, is the living standard, grade, regarded as the improvement of the performance.

The use of carpet: exhibitions, exhibition halls, ceremonial activities, opening ceremonies, performing arts activities and other public places.

The exhibition carpet not only needs to be beautiful and fit the theme of the booth, but also needs to be waterproof and non-slip. Rubber backed, cut pile carpets are undoubtedly the best choice.

The pile structure of cut pile carpet is in the shape of pile head, with fine pile surface and soft touch. Short pile carpet durability, walking light, practicality, long pile carpet soft and plump, elasticity and warmth of good, comfortable feet, with gorgeous style. And the dust of cut pile carpet usually floats on the carpet surface, easy to clean.


The rubber backing absorbs water, evaporates quickly and is non-slip. Not only is it environmentally friendly and stable in use, but it can be brushed in a single piece as needed and will not warp after brushing.


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