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Why not be bold and try this new style of stand, low budget, fast build, make your own stand, and build your own brand?

by hanhenry 06 Jun 2024
Why not be bold and try this new style of stand, low budget, fast build, make your own stand, and build your own brand?

Because of the large size of some exhibitions and the large number of exhibitors, such as Cosmopro, JCK Jewellery Show, CES, AACC, FIME, IAAPA, NeoCon Chicago 2023, builders are also taking on more building projects, and there are often some surprisingly high building costs, and possibly high subcontracting prices, so exhibitors should think about how to avoid such embarrassing situations, and why not boldly try to build their own booths quickly, which are just as impressive and have higher productivity.


IMTS 2022 exhibitor CENTRANZ used our made backlit trade show booth and shining illuminated multi layer trade show counters stand out in the show.



In today's business world, exhibitions and trade show events are very common, and many businesses need booths to showcase their products and services.

Quick, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving construction of booths can help companies present the best display effects within the specified time, and reduce the cost and time of companies building their own booths.




This quick-install and self-build lighting booth solution(we have installation drawing guidelines and video support) and can meet the needs and budget of many customers, so it may become a trend.

]In particular, materials and technologies such as aluminum profiles, energy-saving LEDs, and environmentally friendly thermal transfer printing technologies are becoming more and more mature and popular, and the cost and feasibility of this solution will be further improved and optimized.




In addition, as the display needs of enterprises become more and more diversified and personalized, more attention should be paid to the creativity and visual effects of the booth. Self-built luminous booths can better meet such needs and make the booth more distinctive and impressive. profound. In general, this self-built quick-install luminous booth scheme has great market potential and development prospects.

Building your own booth,Self-built quick-install booth can have some advantages, including flexibility, saving costs and resources, etc. This method allows companies to design and build booths according to their own needs and budget, and can easily adjust and modify the booth. In addition, building the booth by yourself can also reduce the cost of hiring an exhibition service company, and avoid problems caused by misunderstanding, or poor communication.

However, there are some issues to consider when building your own booth, such as more time and effort to complete the setup and decoration, and you need to invest in purchasing or renting the equipment and materials needed to build the booth.

If you do not have enough experience and technology, you may face risks such as problems and delays in building your own booth.

About this concern,I would like to you can prepare booth in advance and  you also can invite one expert freelance to assist you.

Anyway, it is not difficult job to some engineers.

Therefore, building a booth by yourself is a method that has both advantages and disadvantages, and needs to be evaluated and selected according to the actual situation.


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