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by hanhenry 06 Jun 2024
Flight Case

The combined conference and expo of Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America (ISNA/ESNA), the industry's flagship solar together with storage event, will be held in San Diego, California, from January 17-19, 2024. It is a premier conference and trade fair in the United States focusing on solar, energy storage, and EV charging infrastructure.

What does isnaesna23-post-show-report  tell you?

Let do some quick maths here. Based on the statistics, we can predict that about 6000 attendees will return in next show in 2024 at least. There is no doubt that it will be plenty of new attendees coming since the solar and energy storage market keeps expanding every year. Also, from the statistics, 73% of them have decision-making power in hand, which means you have the high chance to sell your excellent products or start a partnership with them. Sounds great! That’s why you should care about your booth display.

What or Why should you care about your booth display in a show/fair/expo/conference?

A visually appealing booth design has the potential to get your company on the cover of PV magazine! Just like your business competitors did for theirs ISNA/ESNA expo. As your supplier, we are so proud of you! Our mission is to realize your vision and maximized the value.

Chleh Exhibit gives a shout-out to you. Dear customer, you knew your mission as a exhibitor: to sell your products, to increase your brand exposure, meet a business partner...What else? Yeah we agree, but never forget why you standout and who may help. The booth display plays an important role. When passing by attendees' eyes are drawn to your general visual of your booth, you have achieved half of your objectives!

Its Chleh Exhibit Customer’s trade show booth display in ISNA/ESNA

Preview in the factory

“Real-view” in the trade show

You've probably noticed. The visual impact of the actual build on the show floor is far greater compared to the effect of a factory test version! A roomy area featuring vibrant and clear graphics, an entertaining crane machine, a product display area, a company-logo backdrop, a LED company name Signage, and flooring that matches the color scheme of the reception table. The ensemble as a whole is both functional and distinctive. Attendees are compelled to remain in this location indefinitely.

1. LED Signage on the SEG Reception Table

Not only may illuminated letters be placed on the table, but also your product samples.

2. Arch-type SEG Display

It has strong sense of visual space and publicity.

3. Hanging Sign

If you're looking for this company, you can find it by spotting the hanging sign from a distance.

4. Backlit Wall

The company's promotional pictures are extremely big on the front and back side of the SEG wall.

Nice to hear your feedback. You liked it, even PV Magazine editor liked it. I also have a good news for you, which the display is absolutely reusable, easy installation, stable aluminum frame for many years, so that the only thing you can do is to change your graphics, we will print it for you on new fabrics. Look at how HD the prints are.

Here is a question for you.

Did you sign up for the Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America (ISNA/ESNA) 2024?

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