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LED Color Temperature Controller

1.Long life span
2.Automatic usage on DC5V-24V or DC12V LED
3.Brightness adjustment from 0 to 100%
4.Max 8A-2CH ottpit Use a power expander to expand the power output
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Product Description

LED Dimmer

No RFwith RF
Input VoltageDC5v-DC24vDC12v-DC24v
Max Current Load8A/CH×28A/CH×2
Max Output Power80W(5V)/192W(12V)/384W(24V)192W(12V)/384W(24V)
Scale Levels4096 LEVEL /CH×24096 LEVEL /CH×2
Package Size170×49x49mm(LxWxH)170×49x49mm(LxWxH)
Remote Control DistanceNo30m with block;     60m without block
onloadHack(function(){ });