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How to choose a good exhibition equipment?

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Nowadays we can see exhibition system equipment in many place, such as octanorm 8 way upright extrusion, maxima square extrusion and frameless led light boxes extrusion and so on. With the increasingly fierce competition, exhibition equipment prices all the way down. But the Shanghai chleh exhibit industry Co., did not blindly pursue the price and reduce the quality of the product requirements, we always adhere to the customer first, product-oriented loyalty, the intention of serving every customer.

Poor quality of the octanorm system extrusion, maxima system extrusion and light box extrusion profiles, the use of sunlight, air and rain corrosion, resulting in aluminum deformation, and even lead to oxide cracking, shedding and so on. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. aluminum profile contains chemical composition does not meet the standards. Add a lot of mixed aluminum scrap, can greatly reduce the aluminum price, but may lead to exhibits chemical composition of substandard, seriously endangering the construction safety.

2. octanorm 8 way upright extrusion and truss oxide film thickness does not meet the standard. GB in the provisions of aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10 microns. Thickness is not enough, aluminum surface is easy to rust and corrosion. Some octagonal prisms and trusses on the market, the oxide film thickness of only 2.4 microns, and some even no oxide film. Each minus 1 micron oxide film thickness, per ton can reduce the cost of $23.

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3. to minimize the aluminum profile extrusion thickness. octanorm 8 way upright extrusion thickness is not less than 1.4 mm according to national standards, ours is 2mm.

Shanghai Chleh Exhibit Industry Ltd. was founded in 2008, after twelve years of steady development, we have been a leading manufacturer of exhibition and event products in eastern China.

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