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Gable Shape Aluminum Truss Roof System with Stage for Event

CL EXHIBIT gable shape roof truss is a best selling aluminum truss roof system. We have three different sizes structure covering the following stages 8x6m, 10x8m and 12x10m. It is fast and easy assembly with special design structure and widely used in concert, show and outdoor event.

  • M-SF104

Product Description

Gable Shape Aluminum Truss Roof System with Stage for Event

gable roof truss.jpg


Specification                                                                                                                         Material: 6082-T6 aluminum alloy

Inside Width Overall Width Inside Depth Overall Depth Clearance  Height Max. Stage Size
Size A B C D E F
8x6m 8040mm 10600mm 6040mm 8600mm 7000mm 8567mm 8x6m(26.3x19.7ft)
10x8m 10040mm 12600mm 8040mm 10600mnm 7000mm 8830mm 10x8m(32.8x26.4ft)
12x10m 12040nn 14600mm 10040mm 12600mm 7000mm 9086mm 12x10m(39.4x32.8ft)

290mmx290mm box truss  

Model No. Main Tube Vice Tube Brace Tube
ST-B290 50x3mm 25x2mm 25x2mm

Span Distribute weight                  Center point Deflection
(meter) (foot) (kg) (kg) (mm)
4 13.11 1432 429 6
6 19.67 1230 392 917
8 26.23 978 359 29
10 32.79 788 318 43
12 39.34 500 287 56


powder coated

  • CL can have your products powder coated in a potentially huge number of colors. 

  • We offer flat and high gloss finishes.

  • Size does not matter. CL can powder coat any size products or items, big or small.

  • We powder coat any aluminum and/or steel items. 

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