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Double-sided backdrop for live streaming 24 hours standby

• Size: Backdrop Backwall with Graphics.
• Material: Aluminum, LED Module, Polyester Fabric.
• Graphic Printing: Dye Sublimation Printing .
• Certification: CE, UL, RoHS, SGS.
  • Exhibition Lightbox

Product Description


Do you know how you can have an exclusive corporate style of the background wall? Whether it is the company's promotional video shooting or the company's live demand, or the company's meeting background. The background wall of a printing company's image and concept is extremely important.

To accommodate a variety of client needs, we developed more type video call backdrops to help our funs to consider to prepare a selection of solid color or printed photo backdrops.

Welcome to Video Backdrop World

Selecting Photography Backgrounds, Live Streaming Studio, Zoom Meeting and Video Conference Call Backdrops from Shanghai Chleh Exhibit Industry Co., Ltd (CL Exhibit Shanghai)

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Light-Box Dimensions Weight Packing Graphics Replacement Printing Case Dimensions
Customized Silver,black or customized Flight case Available Dye sublimation Trade show, exhibition

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Flight Case

Are you still worrying about carrying a heavy stand with you? Why not choose a flight case instead?

A flight case is perfect for transportation and popular among kinds of trade shows and events.

Strong panels with thick foam can protect frames with LED lights inside well, wheels at bottom will free your hands, both you and your stand deserves one!



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