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  • [Company News] CL Truss project case in Japan

    In November, we had a nice meeting with a Japanese customer for their coming event in Dec. For this case, the most challenging part is the tight time schedule. We only have 2 weeks from the day of inquiry to the day our client receiving the goods in Japan. Our client works so efficiently. As soon a

  • [Company News] CL EXHIBIT 3rd Season Selling Review

    28th, Oct. 2017. Shanghai chelh exhibit industry Company hold a proseminar for the 3rd Season Selling Review. Every company has 3-4 staffs to attend the meeting and one of these 3 staffs prepared a PPT and explain it on the meeting. The PPT includes the data of sales details from August to Oct. The

  • [Company News] How To Be A Good Salesman

    How to be a good salesmanAre you a good salesman? How to be?From my opinion, the followed these three qualities are necessary: professional, clear mind, high level of ethicProfessioanl: If we want to export our products,the first thing is to understand the products well. Just like we shopping someth

  • [Company News] CL EXHIBIT Frameless Fabric LED Light Box

    Frameless fabric led light box is a new type of light box which the edges of the graphic are sewn with a silicone strip inserted into a narrow groove of fabric light box frame. It's easy to assembleand transport. It is made with a stylish appearance and even illumination.

  • [Company News] Octanorm System In Shanghai Library

    Recently, the Shanghai library staff found us, let us provide a simple yet elegant solution, they had a recent calligraphy exhibition, because the budget is limited, they hope that we can perfectly solve this problem.According to our many years of experience, we recommend them to the eight-way syste

  • [Company News] Aluminum Profile for Exhibition Booth--8 Way Upright Extrusion

    As we all know, in a 3x3 modular exhibition booth, 8 way upright extrusion is an essential aluminum profile.In type, 8 way upright extrusions are mainly divided into two types: big hole one and small hole one. Please refer to the picture below:

  • [Company News] Exhibition Booth Use Tension Locks

    Tension lock is used to lock and unlock upright and beam, as one of basic accessories for exhibition booth, it plays an important role in the whole project.There are different kindly of tension lock, except for common used straight tension lock and high position tension lock, other locks such as wid

  • [Company News] Beam Extrusion for Modular Exhibition Booth

    Beam, it is one of the important component lists of the modular booth, just as 8 way upright extrusion.Normally, beam can be divided into several types according to the width: 40mm, 50mm, 70mm. It can also have two grooves ,such as 40mm beam with two grooves, it can also have 4 grooves and 6 grooves

  • [Company News] Welcome to Visit Our Aluminum Exhibition Products Factory

    Welcome to Visit Our FactoryWe are a professional exhibition booth materials manufacturer, located in Pudong, Shanghai, China. We exported our standard and custom booths to USA, Australia, Korea, Russia, even the whole West Africa countries since 2008 without any quality complains.Our workshop:

  • [Company News] Build And Develop Your Brand With A Successful Show

    In December, 2016, we built a new stand for our regular customer UIROBOT, which is one of the leading inventor and developer of civilian robot in China.Different from other shows which held in exhibition, this show was held in aupmarket department store, aimed at attracting people who go shopping th

  • [Company News] Enjoy Work, Enjoy Life!

    In order to make our customers have a more clear understanding of our website and our products, this week, a new part is added into my work content, that is taking photos for the products and accessories, and then sort them.It seems like an easy job, just as what I think in the beginning, but later,

  • [Company News] New Exhibition Booth Visitor-Eden Fridman

    Welcome to our latest website blog! This week, our factory was visited by a new client from Australia Expo Direct: Eden Fridman, whose company was one of the biggest one in Australia for exhibition event and solution.We had a pleasant discussion for shell scheme stand order, especially for octanorm

  • [Company News] How to Choose Suitable Panel for Standard Exhibition Booth

    As one of the important parts of standard exhibition booth, panel has a great influence on the booth, from both beautiful and practical respects.In general, there are two kinds of panels being widely used in exhibition booth industry: MDF panel and PVC panel. The latter can be divided into normal qu

  • [Company News] Prolight And Sound Exhibition in 2016

    The prolight and sound exhibition 2016 was held in 26-29th,October in SNIEC. Light and speakers are the main products on the trade show.

  • [Company News] Enjoy Team Work: Assemble Roll Up Stand With My Colleagues

    This week, my colleagues and I went to our factory to assemble roll up stands. In the workshop, we cooperated with each other, tried to complete our job as fast as we can.For people like us, who always stay in the office, it is a good thing to work outside together. Moreover, it made us work closer

  • [Company News] Flight Case

    Usage: to fit the booth or other products, make it convenient and safe when transport and store the booth and accessories.Features: Aluminum alloy and steel structure, anti-collision in all right angle corner, Standard Size: 3000x1000x500mm (LxWxH), loading capacity is about 200kg.                  

  • [Company News] Exhibition Use Folding Reception Desk

    We developed a new type floding reception desk. This new type desk is more convenient and space-saving for carrying and stocking.

  • [Company News] Simple Introduction About Maxiam Light

    As the development of modern exhibition, more and more exhibitors has higher requirements for the booth profiles and design.For aluminum profiles booth, except for 8 way upright extrusion system, Maxiam system, we can also call it square extrusion system, which is more elegant and durable in use, be

  • [Company News] Shelf and Bracket For 8 Way Upright System Booth

    Shelf and bracket are common accessories for exhibition booth, used to show your products directly, can be applied to many industries, such as small goods, books, balls, etc. For shelf, usually, normal size is 300*990*9mm.

  • [Company News] Our New Product: Trough Plate

    Here comes our new product, trough plate, one of the accessories for shell scheme booth.This panel is made of plastic, better than wood panel, which is widely used in the exhibition booth for displaying some small goods in exhibition center. Usually it will be matched with matched small accessories

  • [Company News] Choose a door for your exhibition stand

    Choose a door for your exhibition standFor meeting requirements of clients and making every exhibition stand well, we collect different door for exhibition stands use for everyone reference here:1) PVC folding door: it is the most popular door for exhibition stand use. As you seen, it can be folded,

  • [Company News] Dream what you want to dream

    Today, I had a chat to my college roommates online. It made me think a lot. Everyone said that they found that life is a little hard sometimes, but everyone also said they will make it to the end, they will never say give up before they take all of their efforts.After graduated from university, we c

  • [Company News] Perfect Combination of Chinese Style and Exhibition Booth

    Today, I viewed my computer, and tried to find some useful information for my work. Then I found the interesting pictures which took one year ago accidentally.Chinese Style:

  • [Company News] A Happy Visit to Shanghai Advertising and Exhibition Expo

    From July 3 to July 6, Shanghai Advertising and Exhibition Expo is held in national exhibition center, many advertising companies, exhibition companies and printing companies attended it. Just like before, there were many visitors from home and abroad.We visited the Expo on July 5. It was really mea

  • [Company News] Go to Deliver 3*3 Exhibition Booth Goods with My Colleague Charles!

    Go to Deliver 3*3 Exhibition Booth Goods with My Colleague Charles!Today, I went to deliver 3*3 standard exhibition booth goods with my colleague Charles. The products are sent to Milano, Italy, which means we take another successful step on the way of opening up the European market. Congratulations

  • [Company News] Our Outing to Jinshan City Beach

    In our company, what we focus on is not only the work, but also the lives. As a tradition, we have several outing dates every year, to relax ourselves and to enjoy our lives in the busy work.Last week, all the staff members of the company went to Jinshan city beach. We had a perfect day there. Brigh

Shanghai Chleh Exhibit Industry Ltd. was founded in 2008, after twelve years of steady development, we have been a leading manufacturer of exhibition and event products in eastern China.

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